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Midwest Snow Tech was born in the fertile imagination of Daniel Risley, our founder and president. It started when he was 7 years old cutting the grass for his grandmother’s real estate company. He started to ask then what more he could do to help. By 16 years old he’d actually started his own company, doing all types of landscaping work. Then, while attending college, he bought a truck with a plow and began providing snow removal service. Dan worked as a sub-contractor to larger snow removal companies where he learned the trade and built his experience. He developed a vision for how to do snow management and do it well so people would return the next season. This is where the idea of partnering with his customers came into focus. The quality of his work and the responsive nature of his service kept drawing new business. As the company grew, Dan added workers, bought additional equipment and shifted his efforts to commercial customers. In 2000 Dan consolidated his various endeavors and launched Midwest Snow Tech. In his first year, he sold over $600,000 in snow management services. The passion Dan had for partnering with people led to a couple of core values for the company. First, do a far more thorough job in snow removal as compared to other larger companies. What our customers really appreciate is our better results. This is what keeps them coming back. Second, be willing to address other needs our customers have that are outside our normal service. It becomes partnering when we can take care of as many of their needs as possible. So we’ve learned how to do more. Midwest Snow Tech is expanding in direct response to what our customers ask us to do for them. They've requested continuous landscaping services, pot hole repairs in their parking lots, seal-coating and line striping, tree trimming, and tree planting services, just to name a few. If we partner with our customers, we believe we find new business opportunities as well as keep faithful friends. So our customers keep asking us for more…and we keep growing. Now, as a multi-million dollar business, we still view ourselves as a friend and a partner to our customers. Listening to what they uniquely require and adapting ourselves to meet that need makes us more than a service. We’re still pursuing that same vision that Dan Risley had as a young boy – ask what else we can do to help. We want to come alongside and help get it done well. It’s what friends would do.

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