No-Stress Gardening and Landscapes LLC

No-Stress Gardening and Landscapes LLC

No-Stress Gardening and Landscapes is a small, local company in business for more than 15 years that provides Landscape Management through reclamation, renovation, and maintenance services using innovative and sustainable methods.

We strive to do our work ridiculously well, in an environmentally sustainable way and to do it with poise, grace, humor and class!

We are a Woman Owned and Operated Enterprise.

Our goal is to make the world better, one property at a time!

We believe success lies in both WHAT we do and HOW we do it. Attention to detail, not cutting corners, using resources responsibly are critical parts of achieving our goals.

VALUES we use to guide our interactions with our clients, our employees, our vendors, and our community are:

TOTAL PARTICIPATION. We are all-in, all the time. We bring our minds, hearts, and muscles to everything we do.
WE ARE BUILDERS. We work together to build a business that contributes positively to our community, build rewarding careers, and build sustainable ways for all of us to support our families and ourselves.
WE ARE DIVERSE. Sex, Age, Religion, etc. doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we possess and practice the values, skills and abilities necessary to do the job effectively.
WEAR THE CLIENTS’ SHOES. Our partnership with our clients is the soil in which we grow our achievements.
WRITE IT DOWN. Information is necessary to grow, improve, measure, hold accountable, evaluate and reward. It all starts with writing it down.
STEWARDSHIP. We believe the land is only borrowed to us. It is our responsibility to care for and nurture it in a way that leaves it better for all who follow.
WE DO WHAT WE SAY. We think BEFORE we say, and we do what we say. We are reliable and keep our commitments.
NO SHENANIGANS. When we engage in shenanigans or we see shenanigans, we all know it and we call it out.

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